Edenpure Infrared Heaters

  • Edenpure heaters come in portable, classic, elite and even outdoor heating models to suit customer requirements.
  • Technologically advanced Wifi enabled heaters produced by Edenpure are a step ahead of mere remote control technology found in other brands.
  • Additional accesories like dust jackets, air purification kits and anti-microbial filters(apart from black air filters) are available that can maintain and enhance your heater performance.
  • Edenpure’s website hosts a square footage guide to assist customers choose the right heater that suits their heating requirements and save energy. You can visit for http://www.edenpure.com/edenpure-infrared-portable-heater-square-footage-guide/ more details
  • 30 day satisfaction guarentee on all the models in case of any performance malfunction.
  • Hosts a extensive customer service portal to provide immediate support to customers and trouble shoot any possible issues.
  • Select models can be used even in garage and basement with safety precautions as required.
  Top Edenpure Infrared Heater Reviews

Edenpure US1000

Dr-Infrared-Dr 968Average Customer Rating: 4-stars1st best review

 Edenpure US 1000 is considered to be the safest and quietest infrared heater available in the market. Suits more for budget conscious consumer and will be en excellent value for money if the heating area is less than 800 Sq. Ft

ProsPros: Soft and warm heat, Extremely quiet

ConsCons: Does not have timer or electronic panels

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