Dr Infrared Heaters

  • Dr Infrared is listed under Underwriters Laboratories in USA and Canada and has built a lot of credibility by adding multiple certifications under their belt.
  • Completely engineered and designed in USA, Dr Heater® meets the heating requirements aptly and provides a complete heating solution
  • Most of their heaters are equipped with a low noise blower, and many of their models are portable.
  • One Important aspect of Dr. Infrared Brand is their pricing as all of their models are offered at factory price and it saves a lot of money for end-users like us.
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Dr Infrared Dr 968

Dr-Infrared-Dr 968Average Customer Rating: 4-stars1st best review

Dr Infrared Dr 968 looks sturdy and woody.  Completely US engineered, provides at least 60% more heat than the conventional ones. Combining both PTC and Infrared technologies makes it a value for money buy  

ProsPros: Sunlight like heat, Easily portable

ConsCons: Rare emission of Bad odour due to use of dual technologies

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