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  • Continuous innovation and product upgradation cycles have helped them to use Stainless Steel Diffusers that gives 14% more heat compared to their competitors.
  • Humidity maintenance of upto 30% is guaranteed across models and temperature and humidity setting comes with a memory in certain models.
  • They have designed their terminals in their heaters in such a way that they can be quickly connected without much special skill requirement and by using ceramic and stainless steel parts they have ensured easy servicing of their heater models.
  • All Comfort Furnace Heater models comes with a 3 year extended manufacturer’s warranty and 30 day money back guarantee for any manufacturing defect in the parts.
  • All CF models come with thermostatically controlled heating system that circulates heated air from floor to roof evenly without leaving any pockets of cool air. In certain models, start function of the heater can be delayed by upto 23 hours for convenience and efficient usage of energy.
  • Their heat exchangers are enhanced with copper ionization thereby provides healthier heat as the heat exchanger destroys pathogens and microbes and provides clean filtered air. Also, The absorbent bandwidth of CF infrared heaters are around 9-10 microns which enables efficient heating compared to its peers
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comfort-furnace-1500xwt-uvAverage Customer Rating:4-stars1st best review
Comfort Furnace 1500XWT-UV ,  a children and pet safe product, is an efficient heater that makes use of special UV filter made by Philips Corp.   Thermostatic controlled heating and effective heat diffuser performs like a charm 

ProsPros: Effective UV filter, Louver enabled heating

ConsCons: Draws up ample power and might trip if any other heavy appliance is working along with it.

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