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Infrared heater reviewsWelcome to!For all of human existence, keeping warm has been a constant challenge throughout much of the world. One of the relatively recent arrivals in this man vs. nature challenge is the infrared heater. I learned about the advantages of infrared heaters only recently (read more about these below), and as someone who lives in one of the coldest states in the U.S., I was immediately interested. A good heater can be the difference between being comfortable or uncomfortable in your own home. And, with a recent cold snap causing sky-high heating bills, many in America and beyond are likely examining their options for keeping warm.

This website is designed to help you understand why you might want to choose an infrared heater for your home and how to choose the best heater for your needs. Whenever I make a significant purchase, I know I often wish I had someone to walk me through what to consider and what my options are. Well, this website attempts to do just those things. By the time you finish, you should be well on your way to finding a heater that will keep you cozy wherever you are.

Dr Infrared Heater DR968

top-rated*PTC + Infrared Technology

*Completely Built in USA

*60% more heat with dual heating


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Comfort Furnace 1500XWT

editor-pick*Special UV filter for Pure Air

*Walnut Finish matches any exterior

*S.S Heat diffuser for effective heating


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Why Buy an Infared Heater

When heating bills are high, experts often recommend using alternate heating methods, such as a space heater, to keep only the area you are using warm rather than cranking up the thermostat on the entire home. In other cases, heat is unevenly distributed in a home, and a heater is necessary to warm up the unreached areas. Some people, especially those who rent portions of a building, don’t even have access to the heating controls and may need more heat than their landlord sees fit. In all of these situations, an infrared heater could be the answer. But why consider an infrared heater and not some other option?

Understanding how an infrared heater works can help you understand its advantages, so bear with me through a short science lesson. An infrared heater uses wavelengths beyond the visible spectrum (hence infrared) which are naturally inclined to travel from objects of higher energy (heat) to objects of lower energy. The way infrared heat works is often compared to the workings of the sun, except you can’t see the beams. Many infrared heaters are designed with metal tubes that are heated by the infrared wavelengths, and that heat is often distributed with a fan. Others direct the light wavelengths right into your room and onto you.

What this means for you is that an infrared heater will likely produce safer and cleaner heat than many other options. Since it is not combusting or burning anything, it isn’t robbing the air of oxygen or moisture, nor can it pose a threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also possible to completely enclose the heat generating elements, so the unit can be cool to the touch, eliminating worries about fire hazards or burns. The nature of the heat also means that the heating begins instantly upon being turned on. Finally, these heaters tend to be both quieter and lower maintenance than other options because the fan, if there is one, is typically the only moving part on the unit.

Features to consider before buying an Infrared Heater

Infrared heaters are most effectively used to heat a single room or group of rooms (often called a “zone”), depending upon the rooms’ size and openness. Determine the square footage of the area(s) you want warmed to find out how much power you’ll need. Most heaters’ specs include the size of the area they are capable of warming. Since infrared heat works by heating people rather than raising the air temperature, it may be unrealistic to expect an infrared heater’s heat to work through walls. Consider also how you use the space you’ll be heating. Will you be on the couch directly in front of the heater most of the time? Then you probably don’t need to heat 1000 square feet. This is also a time to consider whether a heater with just infrared bulbs or a heater with a fan is more appropriate. Those with only bulbs heat things in their direct line well, but don’t do as well heating areas they aren’t directly facing. Those with fans distribute the heat a bit more widely.

Your lifestyle and your plans for using the heater may be one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a heater. Do you intend to leave it stationary in one location, or do you hope to move it among multiple rooms? Some heaters can weigh upwards of 40 pounds, which could definitely pose a challenge if a portable heater is what you are looking for.

Some brands put in a lot more effort than others to make their heaters blend in with furniture. Some offer subtle, wood-grained designs, while others simply offer heaters that look like a metallic box. Will your heater be in a visible location? How important is it to you that your heater fits in to your décor?

Like many products, infrared heaters can come with a variety of extras that you may or may not need or use. Some of these include automatic timers for turning on or off, remote controls, wheels, handles, automatic off switch if the heater trips, controllable thermostats, built in air purifiers, and lot more. Consider which of these are most important for the uses you are looking for.

As always, a balance must be struck between reasonable cost and quality. Prices range across a few hundred dollars between brands and models, so look carefully at what you’re paying for. Bigger and more powerful heaters will typically cost more and require more power to run, so look for a model that is designed to heat only the area you need.

Infrared heaters are supposed to be relatively low maintenance, but what if something goes wrong? Find out about how long the unit will be under warranty and what, exactly, is covered by that warranty.  Some brands advertise a number of hours their heaters can be expected to last as well. Finally, see if you can learn anything about the service options. Is there a number that can be called for help? Do they offer any sort of plan for getting replacement parts to you?


Brands reviewed on

comfort furnace infrared heaters

Comfort Furnace® is a brand known for its heating solutions. The authorized dealers are who provide free shipping for the heater delivery. Heater models for both supplemental and complete home heating needs are available.contemporary on wall models and heaters with oak finish are available that suits the home decor.

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Dr Infrared Heater

Dr Heater® Infrared heaters are amongst the most affordable in the market. The brand is known for providing supplemental and alternative heating products of best quality at factory price. The advanced dual heating mechanism with 1500w power is a better variant from other infrared heaters in the market and provides 60% more heating due to better engineering.

Their products come with a 30 days satisfaction guarantee in case any damage that needs replacement. Post that period, their limited warranty does not cover misuse, damage, abuse or negligence.

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Duraflame Infrared Heater

Duraflame® is USA’s leading brand for fire wood and heating equipment for over 40 years. In 2009, Twin-star© International Inc., acquired the exclusive license of manufacturing electric heaters from Duraflame incorporation. Their infrared heaters are now manufactured by Twinstar© under the brand name of Duraflame®. Unlike other manufacturers, they have different styles of heaters such as desktop, tower heaters etc.

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Edenpure Infrared Heater

EdenPURE® infrared heaters are manufactured by Suarez Manufacturing Industries, located in North Canton, OH. This venture is in partnership with Patriot Enterprises LLC and LT Enterprises LLC. The brand is proud to be engineered and manufactured in USA and boasts of creating more than 300 jobs in North Carton.

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Lifesmart Infrared Heater

Lifesmart is known for its product innovation and utility dealing in 5 different product segments. Their product range includes Infrared Heaters, Infrared Fireplaces, Spa/Hot Tubs, Saunas and Patio Furniture.

Built with a cool touch exterior, the cabinet build is safe for pets and kids.All models come with a life time washable filter and do not use carbon combustion. Built with an over heat and tip over auto shut off makes it safe for homes. Light and portable versions add to convenience.

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